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OpenGL issue with Intel 520 and AMD RX480

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I have an issue with Renderzone decal tool not functioning. Renderzone works, textures render but just the decal tool is dysfunctional where there is no visible tile and decal fails to render.


Intel HD 520 has OpenGl 3.3

AMD RX 480 has OpenGL 4.2


FZ minimum requirement is OpenGL 3.2


I did a test on another system in trial mode that has an Nvidia 1080ti and the decal tool worked perfectly and as expected.


Does anyone have an Intel HD520 or AMD RX series system and do you have the same issue?




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I updated my Intel driver and the decal works fine now. On the Radeon RX 480 the card just died on me so I am not sure if that was a hardware issue with the card or if there was a driver problem. I now have an older Nvidia card on that machine so that works fine now too.


If anyone has a Radeon series card and can't get decals to work they should notify tech support. I can't test that issue since I no longer have an AMD card.

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