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  1. I never understood the point of product bashing. It seems you like blender better, if so then why spend money on FormZ? Go back to blender and stick with it. Personally I have no problems with FormZ here. I did take the time and read through the manual on the tools. Reading is a powerful function many don't bother and would rather flame a product than learn how to use it as it was intended. I have been doing 3d modeling since the early 90's, been on beta teams for major brands.
  2. kac

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    I believe as a small user that many of the FormZ users are individuals or small companies. My guess is many that dabble in the 3d realm search for free software like Blender. Schools tend to push Autodesk products who have aggressive advertising. Very large machine shops and product design shops go for integrated packages like PTE and Solidworks. Ideally maybe make the Free FormZ version a little more robust and start targeting the small individuals that often have 3d printers. Alternatively maybe develop a 3d printer application that can do model repair and slicing for many of the popular desktop printers might get some good market recognition.
  3. kac

    Top Ten FormZ 9 list

    I believe that LSCM might only be possible on poly models and not nurbs or solids. Wonder if they could have a plug-in made for Ultimate Unwrap 3d? UU3d supports many formats and has just about every uv tool in it's arsenal.
  4. kac

    interface lag on MacOS

    Does it lag on a new blank file? I had a similar issue but had too many ghost operands. Clearing them did the trick for me.
  5. I am trying to export out vector pdf of my project that I have in Layout so I can put in the dimensions within Corel because for some stinking reason the snaps will not work properly in Layout. I try to print a pdf from either Cute PDF pro or Foxit and neither are able to produce a file. Basically nothing happens. I try to export a pdf but it doesn't come in clean at all. Would be nice if the snaps worked in layout and gave me accurate measurements but even turning them off the dimensions still snap to spots that are not accurate. IE angle tool with constraint to 30 degrees produces a numeric run-out at 60 degrees. Very frustrating because I was hoping to use Layout to produce suitable material for the paten office. Any tips are welcomed Thanks
  6. I use either Cute PDF pro which supports full postscript or Foxit. FZ is the only program that seems to have a problem producing pdfs with the print command. I exported the model out as a step, brought into MOI 3d and exported my pdf's with no issues. I was able to snap angles and get proper numbers, ie 60 degrees was 60 degrees and not 60.02 as they showed in FZ Layout. Besides the pdf export issued I would like to know why there was a numeric error of .02 in Layout when the original model in FZ was rotated at 60 degrees with a numeric entry. Also would like to know why the snap options don't work. Running Windows 10 64 bit
  7. kac

    FormZ buggy on Win10

    I wouldn't recommend a upgrade install but rather a clean install no matter what version of Windows your going to. Drivers are always a big issue with a new OS no matter what machine you have ie PC or Mac etc.
  8. kac

    FormZ buggy on Win10

    FZ is worse on Win 7 pro, I constantly have issues with it crashing and am forced to work on my dinky laptop. I believe it is mostly because AMD has horrible drivers since other programs that are gpu intensive also are unstable. Oddly my laptop has built in Intel video and only problem I run into is it tends to run out of memory on sine I only have 8gb on it.
  9. kac

    SubD mirror / symmetrical modeling

    I wish FZ had symmetry. Could have used it on my last model. Even though there are work arounds it is much easier with that as an option. Something I used quite a bit in Amapi Pro and Hexagon. Maybe add it in next release?
  10. I use a laptop most of the time and the project control panel is clipped off. Would be good if we could resize the window to fit the screen and add a scroll bar to access options how other panels work.
  11. kac

    2D CAD functionality

    Why not check out Affinity Designer from Serif? It has some excellent 2d vector tools that you can export out for FZ. No sub, think it runs around $50 or so. I use Corel Draw here mainly because I do a ton of color separation work for screen printing industry. They do have a higher end version for cad work that also allows import of 3d models for annotations, product sheet development etc. Not sure what your budget is.
  12. Export out as version 8 ai. Newer ai files after that have garbage meta data that is used to talk back to Adobe for fonts, user, user id and every other piece of data mining garbage they can possibly think of tossing in. There are many other better programs that produce cleaner files other than CC, Corel Draw, Affinity Designer, even Inkscape. I use CD for vector work and never have issues even on my laser.
  13. kac

    2D CAD functionality

    I usually end up using Corel Draw then importing the ai rather than struggle with the clunky line tools in FZ. Don't get me wrong, for the most part, FZ drawing tools are adequate for basic line work but when modeling something like a coin or emblem that has text and logos it can be just too tedious.
  14. kac

    Lighting design render

    Where is the option to make an object glow in the materials properties for those who use Renderzone?
  15. kac

    Lighting design render

    There is a light type called line that you can use for that. You will have to fiddle with the brightness and fall off to get the effect. Unfortunately I can't seem to get the light itself to show when rendered so you may need to put an object in it's place. Would be nice if you could make an object emit light, this would save you the hassle. I had done that in EIAS a long time ago and worked well.
  16. kac

    Referenced CAD files

    That would be handy. That is how most publishing software works with linking. I used to use proxies in Electric Image back in the day then swap them out with the real deal for rendering.
  17. kac

    formZ on touchscreens

    That would be cool I use FZ on my touchscreen laptop and a wacom intuos pro med tablet. Be nice to have more of the touch features especially for orbiting and selecting. A sticky selection would be handy. Something that MOI3d has and works really well since you don't need to hold the shift key for multiple selections.
  18. kac

    8.6 bugs on Windows 7 and 10 64bits both seem to be working fine here. Is this just a Mac bug with this release?
  19. kac

    Tiff tranlator problem

    Photoshop used to corrupt progressive jpg files when saved to baseline standard, not sure if they fixed that at all. Tiff might be cmyk and not rgb+alpha that may be a problem. Your best bet is to use either png or tga. All of my textures are either png or tga and I never have an issue in any of my 3d programs with them.
  20. kac

    3d model now built

    One on left done in FZ? Nice work
  21. In that case I usually have those parts as separate files that i can import in and in some cases I used the components tool that allows you to build a library of parts. Not sure if components are bugged in this version though. It seems to want to just embed the models and editing them doesn't seem to update all instances but I could be using it wrong. Would be cool if you could add negative shapes to components such as pockets. Make updating a complex machine model really easy.
  22. Though I have been modeling for too many years to count, I am fairly new to FZ and found once your used to the work flow it is pretty easy and efficient. 1. Importing objects choose Add to Project checkbox on the menu and it will merge the object into the current project. I made that mistake myself 2 The ghosted lines are probably your ghost operands. I typically work without the operands unless I am not sure of my sequential steps I need or want to have that backup within the file. They do prove to be useful but when using ghost operant option I would advise to take a few seconds and name those objects so you can easily identify them as that list can grow fast very rapidly. 3 You should be able to save the project settings as then new default, I work in inches and miniature and new projects seem to keep those settings along with other settings. 4 If layout is opening the file it sounds like your file association might have changed. Chose the file then choose open with and then pick FormZ executable. 5 Not quite sure but sounds like the pdf generator is over riding FZ settings. Try setting the pdf generators default settings first then go through FZ and it should be fine. I use Foxit for most my general pdf generating and Cute PDF for post script work. 6 if text isn't aligned or shifts with the lines then maybe the font is being substitute or being subset from the pdf generator or the art is being scaled. I had tons of problems with Acrobat and horrible fight with Adobe and their CS. I have nothing nice to say about that company, their software and their business practice. I was a former user of their products going back to Photoshop 1.1, Illustrator 3 on both Mac and PC platforms.
  23. kac

    Illustrator / Eps line weights

    Not line weights, I am just importing paths. If I import for instance the letter A and bring that into FZ, extrude it then try to apply a draft angle the chances is the draft will fail with a smooth 11 error. If i type that same letter A within FZ and extrude then apply a draft angle it works fine. My point is it seems that the majority of imported paths tend to have errors or the paths do not seem clean which cause errors and stability issues. Those same shapes if drawn from scratch within FZ most often work perfectly fine. My issue boils down to the fact I need to convert logos into 3d art for various purposes such as patterns for casting and mold making. Drawing them from scratch can be a big hassle. I am wondering if there is a better way to convert or fix imported paths? Object tool doesn't seem to do the trick. Sorry if this sounded confusing.
  24. If I set some type or draw a shape in Corel or any other vector program then export out an ai and bring it into FormZ the draft tool will give me an error on the extruded shape. If i type the text within FormZ with the same font the draft tool works fine and works with most curves drawn within FormZ. Is there a way of converting the curves from ai format in FormZ to make them more compatible? Some sort of workaround other than recreating art and logos in FormZ from scratch? Thanks Ken