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Multilight Application Bugs

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Iv had a few problems inside of the Multilight application with my MXI file thats been created via Form Z.


1. it constantly crashes, without warning

2. When exporting / saving a JPG after tweaking the lights, and then trying to open said JPG I get an error msg that the "the JPG is empty"


Whilst writing, are they any tutorials about how to use this thing properly? It is pretty simple but some things I can't figure out.


Is anyone else experiencing bugs? (Assuming they are bugs...)



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Hi Andy,


You can find the Multilight Documentation here: http://support.nextlimit.com/display/maxwell4/Multilight


For any issues with the Multilight application, please inquire via the Next Limit forum, or submit a help ticket through the Next Limit customer portal. (I develop only the formZ plugin, and maintain a forum for the plugin here for the convenience of formZ users.)



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