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formz8 free questions


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Congratulations autodessys!


a few questions regarding formz8 free:


- it doesn't support maxwell, does it ?

- do i have to worry to open a project with existing maxwell settings / materials ?

- i couldnt open a "saved as 7.0 copy" in formz 7.3.4 yesrterday , only a saved as 6.5 copy ...


best regards,



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Maxwell for formZ is not compatible with formZ free as of this writing. (Next Limit will certainly invesigate this new offering.)


formZ will only hold on to plugin data in a project if the plugin that handles that data is installed. You can certainly open a project in created with formZ Pro/Jr. in formZ Free that contains Maxwell data. However, if you make changes and save in Free, then reopen in Pro/Jr., there will no longer be Maxwell data (such as your Maxwell materials settings) in the project. Therefore, make sure to work on a copy in Free.

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