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(NOT SO) Favorite Panel


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In 9.06:

First time tapping space bar....Favorite Panel appears where my mouse cursor is located.

But after that, calling Favorite panel does not appear anymore. However....if I move my mouse cursor to my second monitor, where NO element of FormZ is located....and tap the space bar....my Favorite panel appears right there ... in the middle of nowhere. I have to restart FormZ to get the Favorite panel appear again in my FormZ viewport...ONE time... and after that....only on my second monitor....

Seems 9.06 has some serious issues (and for now I just only mentioned 2, including the one with the failing shortcuts with a digit in another post, - rather essential - workflow issues), that makes my transpire way more than I should, while working in a rather COOL environment...so I will revert back to 9.04 (....and 6.7.3)

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