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Any luck with proxies?

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Tried out a few proxies, there are some available at chaos group, in their Quick Start guides either for Sketchup or Rhino like:




I downloaded the scene files with their proxies, but all the trees are rendered in a single color, even in scene view there are different colors on the detail proxy!

After editing first material at proxie it even went to complete black!












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Posted (edited)

And it seemed that when i set preview of proxy to detailed it embed geometry in .fmz file, which gets huge, but not in normal preview state!

So proxies need some refinement to get them working!

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Even in normal RenderZone mode VRay doesn´t care about intensity(Helligkeit) settings of the sun!


Oh, now switching FormZ-sun to Vray seemed to changed the appearance of the image! Strange, didn´t work yesterday! So -> intensity is working(now)(for a FormZ sun converted to Vray)


But after inserting Vray-sun to scene with same orientation, and deactivating all the other lights, I cannot modify Vray-sun´s intensity (always same appearance!)!


MacOSX 10.9.5 FormZ 8.6.1(build 10025)

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