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Creating new window components from Existing Window Components

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Note:   If (in the last step ... you don't want to re-open projects to display the new window component in its library ... you can re-open the library using the Add component library icon in the Component Management group of the Component Manager.  This does the same thing as re-opening projects to refresh the associated Library.  


I don't know why the Refresh Libraries icon does not refresh the Library display.  A bug?

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After some additional experimentation, I've come up with what seems to be a quicker way to create a library of window components.  There are fewer steps involved.  


This method involves using FILE > SAVE AS rather than using the Create Window/Door tool. The consequence is that the thumbnail display of a new window component in the Component Manager is not as sharp as it is when one uses the Create Window/Door tool.  If one uses the list display of a window in a library however this isn't an issue.  See attached.


01_Create Window by Saving an existing window component with Save A.pdf

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