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Offset Segment - Copy Options

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Offset Segment is one of my favorite tools.  It's like a semi-automatic copy segment tool.


I'd like to suggest that options be added to the Offset Segment Options dialog to allow multiple copies in the same fashion that the Move command does.



One copy is the default now.  Continuous copy may not make sense.   Repeat and Multiple Copy, would definitely be useful. 


Another feature that would be useful is the fact that an offset can be made OFF the face of the object in space.  If one could lock the movement of the copy to an axis perpendicular to the active reference plane by pressing the Ctrl or Cmd keys, that would be useful.



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One of the issues I have with the Offset Segment is that combined with the Snap Options/Interval Snap with ?? Divisions. The Snap Interval terminates when the first segment point is snapped.  The next interval divides again instead of being the same distance.  



The example above had an interval of 5 divisions. Each use of Offset Segment command had a new 5 divisions.  Subsequently, the space between offset segments decreased in progression.   The workaround involves decreasing the Snap Option Interval Divisions sequentially.   This is a slightly tedious process.  I don't see a way for the Snap Options/ Interval Snap Divisions to hold steady as it terminates with each segment offset ... This is one of the reasons for my previous suggestion.

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