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Type On Palettes Overflows Borders

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Hello -

Just pointing out that when the size of type on the Palettes is increased beyond the default, the text starts to overflow its allotted space (screen cap attached.) This is particularly annoying in view of the need to increase the type size on pretty much *all* modern displays...at 4K resolutions the labels are so tiny as to be unreadable (and also--ahem--the Form Z user base isn't getting any younger and their vision might not be what it once was. :P)

No, it's not a critical issue, but the UI of the current release seems to be *full* of these small bugs.  I'll report 'em as I find 'em.

Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 8.57.45 AM.png

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This is why many of us refuse to use 4k and 5k monitors.  There are a lot of apps that do not work right at these silly high resolutions.  To compromise and make it usable, you have to turn up the Scaling just to be able to read it, which entirely defeats the purpose of a higher resolution screen.  More pixels is not better, its just marketing telling you it is.

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