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form•Z 10 beta coming soon!

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Yes, the UI is not currently very reliable, especially if you frequently dock and undock to a multimonitor setup as I do with my Surface Laptop Studio.  Things will open off screen, in weird places, it's not fun.  I have to reset all workspaces may times a week.



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form•Z 10 beta

We invite you to join us in testing the next generation of form•Z. This version includes native support for Apple Silicon (arm based M1/M2 processors) and new powerful interactive rendering based on the Apple Metal API. While these performance improvements are significant changes in v10, there is so much more in this version including support for an optional “dark” mode interface, new tools, new UI elements, updated file translators, V-Ray 6 rendering and a direct link between form•Z and TwinMotion!

Note that we expect to release the macOS version of form•Z 10 beta next week. We are still working on a few technical issues with the Windows version that are beyond our control. We hope to make the Windows version available in the next few weeks.

Please click here to signup: Signup

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4 hours ago, R2D2 said:

Really looking forward to this, but it wont start:

(M1pro MPP 14")

Also the beta Forum is not up yet ?

Not sure what the problem is with the installation.  However, the beta forum is up and running. It is passworded, one that you get in an email.  The subject of the email is: form•Z v10 beta kick off


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