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form•Z 10 beta coming soon!

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We have been hard at work on form•Z 10 and we are really excited about this major new version.  We will be releasing the first beta soon but we thought it was time to share what we have been working on. Here is what to look forward to in the first v10 beta.


  • Native on Apple Silicon M-Series processors
  • Apple Metal rendering for interactive modes
  • Support for Dark Mode
  • Support for macOS Ventura and macOS Sonoma

macOS and Windows

  • Cloud-based licensing. This allows instant access to your form•Z, RenderZone, and V-Ray licenses via a single sign-on. Purchasing and fulfillment are streamlined, and there are no license codes to enter.        image.thumb.png.ce8c6c6ffc3f62f1caf12d9824e4fd90.png
  • Updated Smooth modeling operations based on ACIS 2023.
  • Updated Step Translator.
  • Updated DWG/DXF translator
  • Updated SKP translator including 2023
  • Python scripting now uses Python 3
  • H264 and MPG-4 animation export


We’ve found Dark Mode to be very easy on the eyes! Metal is performing beyond our expectations!

There are a number of new tools and other improvements in progress that will be coming in subsequent beta releases…..

We look forward to sharing the details of this beta with you soon!

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Great news! If you need a beta tester...


And as a first suggestion: please include an automated bug / crash reporting. It will most likely help getting issues solved easier than with the obsolete email report system, especially if user base is relatively small and support staff is reduced (my guess).

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are there any plans to update the Youtube channel with some videos to show the highlights of the 'major' update? The vast majority of stuff there is over 10 years old - the most recent is 3 years old and most of that is about Vray/FZ 

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The screenshot looks quite intriguing. Is that some kind of parametric grow function?

The dark mode looks awesome!

Does that look like a new tool on the bottom right of the tool palette?

Also, just wondering (seeing that you're working on the interface), will there be a lock palette in place function? For years now, dragged out palettes seem to move on their own accord slightly.



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About dark screen. Hopefully they will make it as an option, because for reasons a white screen is very efficient. Think about creating high resolution screen dump to use in Affinity Publisher. This way of working in 3D is so efficient, you can skip 2D Layout completely. And, not unimportant, the drawings are awesome to look at...

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Very excited about this news as well! After updating to the new Mac architecture, I had to abandon FormZ. very much looking forward to seeing how this new version is on Mac and hopefully I'm able to return to the program!

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On 8/12/2023 at 9:50 AM, archigraphica said:

I would just be happy if this update has an interface that I didn't have to reset 3 times a day. 

The 'dark mode' looks nice but forget new features. A stable/reliable interface that runs on the latest operating systems is really all I hope for in the new version. I've lost count of the number of times I've had to rebuild the workspace from scratch. 

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