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To all,

Although quite old, I just found this video (NOVEDGE webinar) by Evan Troxel that is quite long, but thought useful to share on this forum, link below:-


I posted a message to FZ-HQ a long time ago on this forum posing a question if FZ-HQ could perhaps have these videos to share/buy with Evan Troxel permission from his website !


However, I do see FZ's website has this as a training link & one can pay for these training videos, but as now very old, not too sure if Evan Troxel is still running this or if he gets many FZ newbies signing up for these courses. If he does, that's great & good to see he can earn some fees in that regard. In any event, I'm sure FZ-HQ & Evan Troxel could assist the wider FZ community, perhaps some new content based on FZ's current version or even a discount for these older video courses ! Just thinking outload again on this subject.


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Hi CJ, Thanks for the prodding.

Wow that Novedge video is a blast from the past! 

The major interface rewrite at v7 is still very similar to v9, and because the lessons are all about the fundamentals for modeling in Form•Z the course is still offered because it still applies.

I'm happy to continue to offer this as long as people are finding value in it. 

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Hi Evan,

No prob's and yes, the 8 year old Novedge video was a chance find when I was checking the World Wide Web to see if anyone was making any new-ish FZ tutorial videos, so, thanks for clarifying this matter, its much appreciated. I was also watching your YOUTUBE Methodcast Quickie videos which were equally as old, but all very interesting none the same given similar 3D Modelling (manual + parametric) programmes (SU-manual) as of today, haven't really advanced that much, apart from true 3D+CAD+BIM programmes such as ArchLine-XP-Pro & ArchiCad etc. 

It suggests new & learned FZ users maybe still finding your Form.Z Fundamental tutorial videos (5 years old) helpful ! 

I think its valuable for new & learned FZ-architectural users to see video tutorials by Architects such as yourself being demonstrated as its more real world & in the same mind-set. If you ever get a chance to make anymore for FZ.ver9 & Layout, that would be great to see, even shorter YOUTUBE Methodcast Quickie videos.

Thanks again.


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