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Protectorate: Script to backup and restore fZs settings.

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A little ditty that I wrote quite a While ago (March 2020)

As you can see from the screenshot below... it gives you options.  I just do all for myself. I like Lazy.

I have never tested it on a PC, but I think it will work.  If it doesn't, then I just have the wrong location of the settings files.

A warning: YES, this script mucks around in your Operating System.  It has to to get what it needs done, done.

These are all the files that I have found that contains settings that modify fZs behaviors.. There may be more.

I am providing the source python file so you can look through it.  This script mostly relies on Pythons abilities to work with your OS.  The dialog is about the only code used from formZs python API

Explanation of the script below the image.


Hints on use:  Get all of your settings the way you like them, then use the script to back them up.




Unzip and Install the script into the formZ 9.x.x /Scripts directory (must be 9 or greater for Python to work)


Explanation of the script::

1: Creates a directory "n_Protectorate" in the directory that formZ uses to store its preference files.

2: Copies the files that relate to the following: Shortcuts, Render Settings, Favorites, Data, Previous, Zpreferences and WorkSpaces.

3: puts the copies into the the n_Protectorate directory.


4: retrieves the copies and replaces the files in the original locations.

Feel free to ask questions.

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