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old user - basic questions..

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I have a Pro Licence for FZ 8.5.7.

I dont have Renderzone appearing. I know there is an installation procedure, but I cannot remember it. I need to render out something simple but there is a 2048 limit to the non renderzone renderings...

I also tried to export in OBJ, but when I open it in Blender, it appears in the list but nothing shows onscreen in the blender space..I used the recommendation for OBJ export from a thread here, but still no success.

Thanks- Peter

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Posted (edited)

If you have a RenderZone license, maybe you don't have it active... check on the menu Help/Register.../Registration/Extensions tab.

As a workaround... for OGL real-time in Shaded Full images, I do screenshots on my Mac mini with a 4K display to obtain 5120 × 2880 pixels if you hide all the palettes and expand to full screen, which is not bad for presentations purposes.

Actually, I don't do CPU renderings anymore for my work... last time was about ten years ago?!

I hope it helps.

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Maybe your import from FormZ is just too big or too small, that happens often when i import things into Blender. Just click on the object in the list and do a fit selected in the viewport.

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Thanks guys for the help.

  1. The Blender import didn't appear with "Frame selected" I'll just have to do some tests with a modfel of a cube I guess.
  2. Renderzone licence is installed now, but after closing and re-opening, it still doesn't appear! I include how it appears in the Finder in the sc below.

Any ideas what may be preventing Renderzone from loading?

Best regards, and thanks again!


Screen Shot 2022-07-23 at 10.33.02.jpg

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