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FZ 8.6.5 crashing on opening export/save options

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Oh the joy of using more recent software versions (than my version 6.7.3 which still runs more or less flawlessly)…

I'm running FZ 8.6.5 on a MacPro 2013 (10.15.7). I've just updated to the latest 8.6.5 build (10275), and now every attempt to set the options in either the "save a copy as…" or "export" dialog ends up in an immediate crash, when I've actively clicked on the Options button in the save dialog and then click on anything within the following dialog, including the Cancel button. FormZ simply disappears and offers to mail a crash log. However, it works when I just let the options window appear automatically (which it always does, of course).

How about letting this button in the save dialog disappear, because it does nothing which wouldn't happen automatically anyway, but causes a crash?


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