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Help needed with Topo Cut

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Hi there, please look at the attached file.

i have created a topography from topo lines, then created roads from topo lines and contour and now i need to cut the roads from the topography but whatever i do, i cant seem to do it.

would love some help.

in the attached file the roads mass is blue and is located at the right place that it should be, i just need to cut it out from the topo.

appreciate any help ... Thanks alot.


3D ROADS 004.rar

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Is this what you need?

I deleted the original objects to lighten the file to be able to upload it.

I duplicated the blue Object 3357 and modified the Z from all its base points to +40000. The rest was just boolean B-Split On Way.

The objects in the file are all solids and all separated.

I changed some attributes and colors to see everything better.

I hope it helps!


3D ROADS 004 edit.fmz.zip

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