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can someone make a material duplicator script

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Hi All,

This script would save me a lot of time getting into Twinmotion. Currently, in order to animate something, you do so by material. So, if you have two objects with the same material, they are both going to move together in Twinmotion as if permanently grouped. At the same time, you don't want every material copied and made into an iteration, for some objects you do want them to move in unison. It is real pain to make copies of materials and reapply them with a different name. What the script does: right click on an object, choose "copy material and create unique name". It would then be applied to the object that was right clicked on. This way, it inherit all the mapping but can be moved individually in Twinmotion if needed.


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Update, I found a way to make this problem go away. When importing the formZ datasmith file into Twinmotion, under options change the Collapse setting to "Keep Hierarchy" instead of "Collapse by Material". This makes the objects "objects" in TM, instead of each material being all the objects it's applied to. I have found it's important to set up good groups in formZ, this makes the outliner in TM more manageable.

So, no need for the script, actually, I read some more of the instructions and figured out how it's intended to work.


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Apologies, I have not had a chance to look into this.

Good to know.  And, good thing.  Right now, there is very limited functionality for materials in the Python API. It may be possible, don't currently know. Though, one might be able to do it in the old FSL language.  I haven't opened that book up in quite a while.


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