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Textures Vray 3 vs Vray 5

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If I wanted to edit an existing Vray texture in 3 it was I would launch the vray texture editor. In 5 I want to add a transparency map to an existing vray texture,  but that option is not available in the current texture editing set up. Am I missing something. 

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In VRay 5 for FormZ, the VRay texture editor is now smartly built in to FormZ.  No more need for that wonky add-on app.

Load your chosen VRMAT file, then click 'Import Material'.



This will Import the VRMAT files settings so you can edit them just like the old Editor.  We also have a lot more settings now than we did in v3:



I'm finding this much easier than the old method, but it does take a minute to adapt to it.

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