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Terrain - Punch Hole


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45 minutes ago, Des said:

You just need to use the 'Surface Split' tool in the modify palette. Select the tool > select the surface and then the solid shape, it's instant.

I noticed that there are a couple of triangles which need to be stitched first.

I ghosted the original objects so you can see.



Thank you Des

I have just started practising modifying terrains and was about to give up. Onwards & upwards. 

Are there any other tips that you are prepared to share on this topic?

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I use similar workflows on most terrains but they all vary slightly as it depends on the information supplied and obviously the design. If I'm given contours, then I use the terrain tool but in most jobs the terrain will change from the existing to new depending on the design. So if the terrain is not too undulating then I draw a surface extending beyond the plan extents, convert to a nurbs object and use the reconstruct tool to divide it up. I place plan surfaces of the buildings and structures to their levels (separate layer) and then I show controls on the nurbs surface and with the 'perpendicular to reference' toggled on, I move the points up and down to close to the building base plates until I'm happy. Then I chop up the nurbs surface for different materials. The roads are usually one piece so I move that down (say 120mm) and colour it to say asphalt. The nurbs surfaces are all smooth so selecting edges is easy for copying and pasting onto a new kerbs layer from which I can sweep the kerbs. When I have ramps or have to create other surfaces etc., I use either the 'Ruled Surface' or the 'Loft' tools.

As I said they all vary but this one is fairly typical but FormZ always has a tool or process which works.

I have even used subdivision on terrains which were generated from the terrain tool but you need to keep the amount of faces to a minimum in relation to the terrain size so you have control.



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Just post your progress and your queries here, I'm sure I and others here can help.

Tip; Put in all known surfaces to their proper levels first, place a ghosted version of the terrain you have already done and use it to trace the new surface between the placed bases.

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