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File sizes - image textures


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I've been wondering why my file sizes are so big with v9.1 & have realised it's saving the image textures with the model.

As an example, I have a file with 6 people models in it (that I copy & paste into other models) that's 155mb. If I colour them all white & delete the image texture materials it's 40mb.
If I back save to v6.5 the same file with or without the image textures is 33mb.

I assume my older version draws on the same image no matter which model that object is in. Is there a way to make v9.1 do the same?


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Yes, there is a setting in > Project Settings > Project Files where you can switch off 'Keep Textures'. This in conjunction to other techniques can keep the file sizes down.

Regarding the 3d people, I use AXYZ people which initially come with very high resolution image maps. I usually reduce the image map sizes to be more manageable and save as two different models (Person01_High & Person01_Low). I don't know what render engine you are using but I then save them as MXS files for use with Maxwell Render. When they are placed as MXS references, FormZ does not load the image maps at all (only Maxwell does at render time). I do the same with cars, trees etc.

Another thing to note are the actual images maps for your general model. Say I have a brick texture which is very large, I usually use pixel sizes of multiples of 512 and I make two copies. Again one high res and the other low res. The high res one is stored in my Maxwell material (mxm) and the low res map is used for the FormZ representation in Shaded Work mode. I think you can do the same using Vray, it's just a visual representation for working until you go to render.

I do the same with components (High res version and a low res version).

All my 2d imported data (plans, elevations etc.) are made into reference objects which also keeps the file size way down.

I also set FormZ to delete operands as I don't like ghosts of everything in my files unless I specifically want to for a reason, but that's just me.

Lastly, I set my undos to remember only about 10 operations and to reset after saving the project. This may not suit other people but I prefer it that way.

By sticking to these and by having a good layer setup for easy control, my very large files fly while working on a very modest iMac.


I'm sure others here have different approaches.



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