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In Safari... I do not see a way of getting back to home page from form*Z discussions other them showing previous page as many times as needed or going to site again. Is there a home button?


On iPhone, the only way I see to access forum is a bottom of site... is there any other way? or can access be moved to top of layout or in pull down window.

The Home, About, Features pull down does not seem to be working on iPhone6 Plus.

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If you click on the Autodessys logo this takes you back to the main home page. It's using a common wayfinding visual language of the web so I can understand why it works in this manner but it does indeed break some usability/accessibility guidelines.


It's also not the most responsive of designs for mobile devices but 'Rome wasn't built in a day'...


Huge improvement over the last website either way, although I must admit reskinning old content isn't really what I'd call a new website! Linking to a bunch of tutorials for version 6 (which no longer works on modern operating systems) doesn't make a very good impression. Especially for a company that's trying to impress upon the world a new approach to it's product portfolio.

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Don't you see that text links right below the tabs on top? This is a Safari screenshot on my Mac:




The OP was talking about getting back to the main FormZ homepage, not navigating the different Forum sections..


 "I do not see a way of getting back to home page from form*Z discussions"

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Hi Dennis,


We added Forums to the main menu.  Does that now do what you want?




I'm sure Dennis will clarify but what he had mentioned was that lack of a 'Home' button in the forum to take you back to the formz.com homepage. I mentioned that clicking on the Autodessys logo takes you to the formz.com homepage and Dennis acknowledged this was indeed what he was looking for.


The user experience of the forum is different to all the other navigable sections from the primary navigation - Products, Support, Academic - In each of these top level navigation areas, the secondary level navigation appears below as a horizontal layout directly below the primary navigation items. When you are in the Forums section, none of the primary navigation items appear and it isn't obvious to all users that clicking on the Autodessys logo takes you back to formz.com


I'm presuming that this usability issue arises because of the manner in which the forum software provided by Invision is configured. I understand that the forum software is a hosted service so it may not be possible to keep the primary navigation but your users see the forum as an integrated section of the FormZ website and look for consistency of experience. Many hosted service providers allow for some form of CSS3 compliant iFrame that allows you to integrate a clients primary navigation elements above the forum functionality; so it might be worthwhile looking into this.

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