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3 Point Align

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Currently, all scripts are "Utility" scripts.  So, until I look further, my guess is it will not behave quite the same way.

I don't recall off the top of my head to see if click points can be tracked.  That will be the first thing to consider.

Pre-picking is currently NOT available since the API does not keep the list in order.   So, there is no way to know which object was picked first or last.


However, I will have to dig in to see if we can get at least some partial functionality.


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Digging into this, I see no way to do it directly.  There doesn't appear to be (in the documentation) a way to detect mouse information such as position or clicking etc...   So, that means any current iteration will have to be pre-pick only.  As mentioned above though, we cannot tell which points were picked when.  ***   Which, then means, we would have to figure out a method for keeping track of the order of the nodes picked and their order.  At the moment, the only thing I can think of is to write them to a temporary file.  And getting them selected and tracking the order will be at best, kludgey.

*** This may be a limitation of fZ using Python 2.7     Python has a list object type called a "Dictionary"  and of P2.7  dictionaries are unordered.  There are just no two ways about it.    (in versions 3.6 and newer, dictionaries have become ordered)    Though, I am not sure that this is the issue or not.  It is a possibility, however.

I will continue to think about this, however.



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