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Hello, I'm hoping someone can help with reflections in v-ray?

In the first image below I've been trying to get the wall graphics & furniture to reflect off the floor. The Material Parameters palette open to the right is for the floor material & I have the reflections slider set to max. The 3 small circles are downlights reflecting & the larger circle is a sphere light reflecting, but not the walls or furniture.

The bottom image is v6.5 & shows the type of reflection I'm after.

Any ideas?


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Try increasing the IOR to 3 or even 15 or more.  You may also need to adjust your lights to have less reflection or move them so they cannot be seen in the reflection in the view.

Nice looking booth your working on.  Somewhere International I assume?  Still waiting for the tradeshow industry to reopen here in the US so I can get back to work designing.

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Thanks Justin, works a treat. I thought I'd tried that but I mustn't have been increasing it enough.

I'm in Australia & it's for one of the few shows that are going ahead at this stage. We're doing well with Covid but our premiers have a habit of shutting the state borders with little notice, which means no one wants to plan ahead to far.

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