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Creating facetted with number of poly

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I come from version 6 and behind, there was control of edges in doing arc and curve with resolution panel and the new faceting scheme for me is difficult to operate.

I need to model and count every poly I put in the model.

I like to work with facetted, how do I tell to facetting scheme how many edges I want like in the old resolution panel?




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Simbio, this was a tricky transition for me as well.  Low poly count is very important in my workflow.  I made a template file with various predefined settings, and while they don't  solve for your specific request, they are useful in getting polycounts down.  The problem I was having was that on objects with both very large and very small radiuses the poly count would be inefficient; these presets keep counts low for these types of objects.

Attached is a copy of the file with the presets.  They are listed as ".05"  - ".00002" which represents the size of a poly in relation to the size of the object.  Each preset roughly doubles the resolution.  .05 is very coarse -  .00002 is quite fine.  Make sure that your Project Settings/Working Units allow for FZ to have "Number of Decimal Places" be at least 6 for the finer presets to function correctly.

You can easily add these to any file (including your Template File) by clicking on the folder button shown in the screen grab.1313794686_ScreenShot2021-02-22at4_32_36PM.jpg.2ec612bf7e75aa481689da235e201b2e.jpg

Hope this helps.

Resolution Presets.fmz

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