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Why form•z is not popular any more:

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Well, I do think that paid software should be paid, sorry to disappoint you. I did look for the local distributor and checked prices on their website only 8.5 was offered.

As for now and for the purpose of testing, I am using this:



I did not come here to trash this software at all, sorry, if it came across like that. Also, I am willing to switch software and if that produces costs, I'll have to pay them. Just for clarification.

The free version is great in my opinion and I'll continue to watch it, but export is limited, which I understand. Sketchup on the other hand removed perpetual licenses, that was my initial motivation to look elsewhere and so I came here. But I do not need to be here and say anything, so have a nice day!

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Posted (edited)

Hello Tech

Will there actually be another statement from you on this topic at some point?
I mean by that:
What is the future of Form.Z?
What are the strategies?

I would still be very interested in this!

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On 3/3/2021 at 7:04 AM, UVWXYZ said:

In other news, but fitting right into this discussion:

Affinity Designer, on sale 50% off: 27,99 €

Affinity Photo, on sale 50% off: 27,99 €

Affinity Publisher, on sale 50% off: 27,99 €

I'm subscribed to the Affinity newsletter, they sent a notice yesterday that the 50% sale ends June 30, price for those in the US is $24.99 each.  It's my intention to buy all three even though I don't have a use for graphics software now, I've been very impressed by a few review and tutorial videos I've watched.  I'm torn between buying through the App Store (I have credit from gift cards so the purchase would not cost me cash out of my pocket) or direct from Serif (I do prefer to deal directly with companies when possible.)  I've read some stories online of people having problems with upgrading applications purchased through the App Store, I'm thinking it's safer to buy from Serif.

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Although out of topic...

I've been using the 3 Affinity apps for a long time on my Mac and no longer use any Adobe product. They are excellent and so well integrated that it feels like you're using one app, thanks to the same interface and universal format. Highly recommendable!

I bought them from the Apple App Store and have never noted problems with the updates, although I don't use them very intensively. For the basics, I daily use Preview and Photo, which are ultra-efficient for what they do, and they are integrated into the OS and the eco-system so well.

The only thing I miss from Affinity is DWG format support, thinking about the possibility of using Affinity Designer on my iPad for vector drawing.

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Thanks for sharing that you haven’t had problems buying from the App Store, maybe I’ll get it from there after all.  Another concern I might run into later as they upgrade the App Store is compatibility with my older operating system, I’d like to stay with High Sierra as long as I can.  Funny, the thing that has been driving my operating system upgrades has been the tax software I use!  :-)

I’ve used Pages ’09 (version 4.0.1) for what little page layout work I need to do, I think I would enjoy Publisher.  I wouldn’t know what to do with Design, I’ve never done vector drawing before.  I thought this video was very cool:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMlJrYE8Xo0, for someone who knows nothing about vector illustration (me) it was very interesting to see the workflow and watch the artist develop a sketch into the refined final product.  Looks like working on a pen display would be nice, I guess the iPad would give you the same experience but just a smaller working area.

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