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Forget about point lights.  They don't work.  Change it to a sphere light and be VERY careful about your intensity and camera settings.  They are very difficult to control.  I would seriously suggest you use mesh lights with v-ray and if I need the light to be visible I do that through emitter materials at the source.  Add the glare effect in Vray and it is pretty convincing.  

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Thanks again Andrew. There have been a few things I've spent ages trying to get to work only to find out they don't work! It makes it hard to know when to give up on something.

I'll give mesh lights a try, thanks.

Have you had any luck rendering vray images in Imager? I can render vray images but I can't access vray settings in Imager & even with Link Image Options & Link Display Options selected when adding views it doesn't bring them in. For example, if I have Render Elements enabled in FZ (& rendering fine in the Frame Buffer) then I try rendering the same file through imager it won't enable Render Elements.
Is this just me?

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You are experiencing one of my great frustrations with Form.z.  Namely, things that should work but don't.  Knowing when to abandon something and find another "work around" is key to keeping your sanity.  For me sometimes that "work around" means literally going to another program rather than finding another tool.  V-ray proxy, caustic affects, scene files and such are  perfect examples of things that I abandoned.  Thankfully, they are aware of these issues and they are working on them.  I learned this week that in 9.1 Reference files are now working properly!   

As for your imager issue I find that V-ray is so fast at rendering I don't ever use it.  It does not surprise me that you are having issue with it.  The integration might not be complete yet.  I have a similar issue with rendering via GPU where certain render elements don't work at all.  The most important one being Alpha Channels.  I don't know anyone who can work without that function.  Good luck and really stick to mesh lights for your scenes.  They are great to work with and much more predictable.  Just don't let them touch any objects in your model.  

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