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Some the tools used to have videos - right click on a tool to View Video.  They seem to be Flash though and don't work on v9 for me, probably since Flash has been retired (I think).  It would be great if they were updated & reloaded without requiring Flash.  A simple hyperlink to YouTube would do it for me...no need to have them built into the software, although that is nice it seems like more work.

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Putting the tutorials on the formz3D YouTube channel would be nice, it would be a convenient way for people who are looking at longer tutorial videos to find them.  There for a while I was doing a little “lunch and learn” study where I’d watch through the videos in the “Discover formZ - tutorials” playlist while eating lunch, a new playlist with all the right-click videos would be a convenient reference.

I prefer it when reference materials are included with an application (such as a PDF of a manual versus a help center that only works when online,) but in this case I’d suggest going with whatever takes less work.

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If we decide this should be a user's project.  And a common template/style is agreed upon.  We all could offer select tools to contribute in order to distribute the load.

I would offer up the Unfold and if nobody else would want to, the lofting tools.  Others possibly.

I think that in addition to a simple "this is the tool" GIF/Video.  It should be considered that the mini-tutorials should have intermediate explanations too.   For example, it is one thing to show how the unfold tool works in a GIF.  But it is another to be able to exploit it to great advantage.


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We don't know if they have 3 or 300 employees.  Documentation on a product that has what, 289 tools just on the main toolbar, each with multiple options... another 94 throughout the interface for a total of 383 tools  Add to that, the interface, the palettes, extensions, menu items...   No small task.

If they do it, they should do it for the best case for the widest audience possible.   Print: doesn't seem to be it anymore.  But, to be honest, I do not know that.

Additionally, most of the behavior is already out there.  Which, I suspect, is why there hasn't been a lot of focus on it for a while.   Though, I do agree, a 1 stop shop with uniformity and consistency is best.


Maybe ADS would be interested in a joint effort.  They could dictate quality control and Style guide.  Willing users could supply the content.


Regardless of how it is done...  I think we can agree, it needs to be done.   But, I suppose if we have to dicker on the shape of the table first, that has to be first. **



••  https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiXuMf70N3vAhXVLs0KHd8xDfMQFjABegQICBAD&url=https%3A%2F%2Fen.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FParis_Peace_Accords&usg=AOvVaw3uQIy3FOtrQtXtnEU26fZq


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Justin Montoya made the first suggestion for a “framework” for consistency, then suggested we start with the simple GIF animations.  Maybe the first step is to do the simply GIF animations for each feature and establish a template for each page (one feature per page.)  By doing this the entire scope of tools and features for the manual will be established, then additional information can be added to each page within the constraints of the template.  Maybe it is set up using some sort of Wikipedia-type interface where anyone can make edits.  Maybe that wiki interface can be exported to PDF from time to time for those who would like to print it as Mike requested.  Maybe I should be more definite in my suggestions.

I guess ADS would be OK with adding something like this on the Support page.  As for a template or “framework,” why not just use what ADS used in their PDF tutorials?

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