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I have a couple of texture questions I'm hoping someone can help with.

- I have an object with 2 textures on it (one on each side of a wall), how do I adjust the size & position of one texture & not the other? I can't seem to select one face at a time. I've attached an example.

- How do you stop textures/decals repeating in V-Ray? You can set if you want them to repeat or not in Color Map Options in the Material Parameters for RenderZone but I can't find that option in the V-Ray Material Parameters.

I'm using FZ v9.1.0







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To apply a texture map to one specific face and not the whole object you need to hold down the control key while dropping the texture onto that face.  Then to properly map that face you need to use the Map Texture tool while holding down the control key again and just click on that face.  Now the program sees that face as independent of the object.  You can now use the Edit texture tool to adjust the size and position of that map on that face.  I have been trying for years to get them to combine all the mapping tools into one tool rather than three.  Perhaps one day they will.  

As for making a non repeating texture in V-ray you need to go to the Vray editor- Basic- Diffuse- Click on your texture map to edit it- Placement- Uncheck the Tile box.  

Or you could apply your texture as a Decal.  I personally haven't tried this but Justin has experience there.  Perhaps you could ask him.


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Thanks for that Andrew. It does seem a bit convoluted.

Maybe decal is what I mean, I've always thought of textures & decals as the same thing. I just want to place a logo (jpeg) on one side of an object & not have it repeat.

In v6.5 I did everything in the Decal palette, select whole object or face(s), which surface styles on which faces, position, repeat image etc. It looks like one of the Legacy tools, Texture Map Controls does similar but it's difficult to work on individual faces, mirror doesn't work, the preview doesn't really work & there is no repeat option.

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