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1995 University exam


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Your model and drawings are nice, I’d guess that your instructors were impressed.

One thing I particularly like about your model is how you rendered it with the white color instead of trying to apply real materials, so basically it looks like a study model.  I once saw a computer-generated model of a bass wood study model, that looked pretty cool.  It did kind of give me a chuckle, the thought of modeling a model.  But I would actually like to try that and put it on a model chipboard base with topo - maybe I’ll model a giant X-Acto knife and put it in the scene to add to the effect!  :-)

MiniCAD was the first CAD application I used when doing my own work, I liked it.

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I used to build models for architects. Using formZ, I would transfer their 2D drawings into 3D find a plethora of problems, then generate flat patterns, hand-cut those patterns out of PlexiGlass, and assemble.   The way they wanted their models presented was to do the landscape in colored grass and trees and roadscapes etc... but the building, the actual show-piece, was just painted flat grey.   We called it a mass model.  I think that is the actual term, but not sure, I am not an architect.   I did several like this, some with sculpted landscapes some with stepped/tiered landscapes.  I really enjoyed the work.  This was about the time visualization started to get sophisticated and fast enough to matter.  Butt the architects (multiple small firms) I worked for hadn't even transitioned to 3D CAD.  Anyway, I don't have any pictures to prove it.  Oh well, just write me off as a crank.🤣


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I like it, it's a beautiful project, and those images are very nice... they seem to be a bit dreamlike, dreaming architecture!

It also reminded me of my university days. Your project is very Aldo Rossi-ish. He was one of my architectural gurus at that time. A great pity that he died at 66 in a car accident, at the peak of his career, and with years ahead to develop more ideas and designs.

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