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FormZ Jr Mac - A couple of issues


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Hi, I'm relatively new to FZ having played with the Jr version over the last month. A couple of things strike me from watching the tutorial videos and I'm not sure if these are not showing up due to the limitations of Jr over the full version.


1. I do not get any automated guides when creating shapes. I have to rely on using manually placed guides only.

2. I do not see the drawing grid on any primitives surfaces I create, so the snapping to a surface is not a default.


Is this a limitation of Jr (formerly Bonzai).





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Well, I didn't really alter anything from the default (as I'm not yet familiar enough with the app to know how to). On the trial version, running on an Intel Duo iMac and Mountain Lion I definitely didn't have the grid lines and face grids. On Yosemite on the new iMac Intel i7 they were missing on initial installation and then visible after applying the patch.


I'm not aware that I turned anything on or off in the settings in the interim though.

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