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Energy Wave Theory & formZ

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Energy Wave Theory, or rather it's focus on better alternative hypotheses, in the history of particle physics, has always attracted my interests, so that finding a competition to "to simulate a micro-sized universe" seemed to ignite part of my formZ modeling efforts these past six weeks. http://harmoniouspalette.com/TrihedralHelixForEWT.html

I have sent this into their open-source competition judges... Their extensive web presence spans widely from here: https://energywavetheory.com/introduction/

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Sounds great!  Does the formZ arrowed display animate?

Or do you mean Place Along Path Tool, with pre built cone arrows, or what?

In any case the attached should be same model as the one linked at page bottom. Did it not open? Did you try Display Options/ Show Direction? These are the arrows I'm using for now. (Saves a lot of steps when exploring curve variations and lots of bandwidth).

I put my basic files on the web for open source sharing and would love cooperating. (let me know if something there is missing).

There also might be more math help coming, after the work week is over, but not sure yet, exactly what it will be. I was told the spin type is possibly applicable to the project, because the Standard Model of classical physics lacks meaningful 3d models to describe spin, and there was a real welcome for my work there.


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