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render a deformed cube

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I deformed a cube, first bulge it, then twisted it. The result a mesh with a lot of triangles at the edges. See render below..2009985641_twistedmesh.thumb.png.0047b657a38325b11df12843b6f32073.pngwas


Then I converted the mesh to NURBS surfaces, converted it back, and exported it as an OBJ file. Now the render was perfect.




And also you can give all the surfases different materials..



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In my experience this is down to object resolution so by converting it you inadvertently increased the res.

But you'd need to upload the original model to really tell what's going on.

One question about the design. The sides of the object looks concave which is expected when twisting an object such as this (parabola effect).

If you want the sides to be at 90º, then copy one of the large faces (already twisted) delete the object, paste the face and add thickness.


You can add different materials to faces by pressing the command key in conjunction with the paint tool.

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