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I just thought I'd post my experience with the Maxwell V5 Cloud rendering option.

I went to render on the Rebus renderfarm but they don't support Maxwell 5 yet (they said a few more weeks), so I tried out the cloud render option straight from FormZ and I have to say I'm very impressed so far. In the Display Options in FZ, select the Maxwell tab as normal > choose Cloud Render in the "Launch Application" drop down and hit render.

The mxnetwork app is then launched, where you just have to log in and name your project. Your file is automatically prepared and uploaded and starts rendering after that.

The great thing is that your render can be previewed after about SL 7 or 8 and can be stopped at any time to be downloaded thereafter. This takes out the guesswork compared to other rendering farms where an SL or cost limit is set beforehand.

While it is not quite as fast (during the rendering stage, but nearly) as some of the other farms, it is way more friendly to use and is integrated into FormZ very well. No more time preparing a project for upload.

If you're on Maxwell V5, give it a go.



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Just to give further info on the cloud render service in Maxwell.

This is a job I did a while ago but had to remodel and render again for a redesign and had only two days to do it, so I had to render using the Maxwell cloud service.

I gave each image here about 45 minutes. They reached an SL of 18.6 and 19.4 which is ok for the view distances. That calculates at about €3 ($3.50c) each.

The original render sizes are 6000 x 4000 pixels and included an alpha and material ID channel with cars and some planting MXS references.




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I will agree. Very easy to use—if it renders on your computer it will have no trouble rendering in the cloud. Reasonably priced as well. Not as fast as some of the other render farms I have used but the ease and integration is spot on.



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