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Today, new and old software users could simply demonstrate both their workable findings and their blockages of using formZ strategies and tools, all on screen capture videos, by sharing sessions-segments on line, to break the ice and break unknowns, blurted out unedited, and shamelessly sacrifice their impasse, indemnified by  Socrates' code of honor, (Re: humility of higher knowledge), for the purpose of challenging others to work around blocks from fresh angles, by use of differing strategies, in the maze of variable solutions, so that participants ratchet forward the group subliminal knowledge, as each of us use the same tools to accomplish differing objectives; and, even when suggestions miss the point of the first puzzle presented, these nevertheless build everyones subliminal palette, possibly useful in other situations, on another day; however, the participants must promise to avoid ad-hominem judgements, by sticking to the technical procedures and the toolsets and strategy tested alone, and praise should be left to the like buttons, in order to keep posts dynamically focussed instead, (instead of accolades streaming down the pages), thus keeping more contributions coming, no matter if possibly meek ones, or possibly radically different ones, thereby keeping the topic technically relevant, no matter how stunning or how irrelevant these efforts might seem, because we have differing needs, and a topic focus is more productive than emotional responsiveness, in the world of technical solutions.

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