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Setting Up V-Ray/FormZ Workspace

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Need some advice on how to set up a V-Ray/FormZ v9 Workspace. Tried a number of ways but Interactive window keeps resizing & changing positions. Even tried to set up using sidecar on iPad, but interactive window constantly jumps back to main monitor (Apple Pro Display XDR). Wouldn't even mind setting up a 4 panel Multi Window with V-Ray Interactive window fixed in upper rt corner.

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Greetings Dennis,

Been away for a while, but hope I can still help you here.  It sounds like you may have found a bug in the VFB (VRay Frame Buffer) window, where it is not saving its last location.  You should report that to support@formz with your OS and other info.

However, you mentioned the Multi Window option and I think I can help you get that setup.  If you turn off the "Use Frame Buffer", then VRay will render in the 3D view window panel.



I'll also add that I do not usually use the VRay Interactive mode since it seems to cause instability in my projects and formZ.  But I find the lower resolution VRay images to preview fast enough that I don't really miss it much.  

Hope this helps!

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