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Wire Frame Display - Temporary Reference Plane Option

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The Drawing Objects article of the FormZ v9 Manual states:

"When working in a shaded view (Shaded Work or Shaded Full items in the Display menu), drawing can be performed on the visible faces of existing objects. When the cursor is positioned on a face of an object, a temporary reference plane, called a face reference plane, is automatically defined from the face of the object."


When working in Wire Frame Display mode one can draw on another object's face however the process is more complex. Prior to selecting a tool from the Draw 1 or Shapes tool palette one must first select the Define Reference Plane tool. Then click on a face or click two segments (if using the Edit>2 Click Face/Object Selection option). This adds a new named reference plane to the Custom Reference Planes Palette. One is then able to draw on the new reference plane using a drawing tool from the Draw 1 or Shapes tool palette. Obviously, the automatic temporary reference plane created during Shaded Work or Shaded Full display modes is much more convenient.


I'd like to request that a temporary "face" reference plane option be added when working in a Wire Frame Display mode.

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