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Insert Entity Graphic while in Wire Frame mode

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Inserted entities show visually in Shaded Work mode as thinner lines.  Grouped objects also show insertions clearly as thinner lines and independent co-planar segments as heavier lines.

In Wire Frame mode there is no visual designation to distinguish whether a segment is inserted or co-planarly independent and on the face of another object.  One method to distinguish whether a segment is inserted or independent is to hover one's cursor over it.   Hovering over an independent segment highlights separately from the co-planar faces of objects on which they are drawn.  This method works okay except when objects are grouped.  It is simple to see whether Grouped objects contain inserted or non-inserted segments in Shaded Work mode but not in Wire Frame.

It would be nice if there was a thinner designation for inserted segments in Wire Frame mode.  

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+1  I concede, that I struggle with inserting segments any longer.  I surmise that it has more to do with the current philosophy than any kind of bug etc...  It used to be that I could insert a segment into any kind of situation that I wanted (albeit, it may have been a limited set of circumstances).   Now, I am excluded from even that set.  For me, it is independent of rendering mode.  More of whether it is a planar or non-planar face.  Though, I get your point that there is not an indication one way or another to the intended result.



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