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¢hris £und

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Here are some of the tools I would like to see in the Sub-D toolset.  I fully realize that formZ's intent on Sub-Ds differs from those that other applications use.   I absolutely applaud your decisions to do so!  However, there are a number of gaps that in my opinion should be filled.

1:  All sub-D tools should be able to work on poly's (non-sub-D mode).   If that means that sub-D has to be triggered at least once so that the object is flagged as sub-D and all subsequent actions to move back and forth between sub-D and polys be with the swap tool.  1000% cool to me!

2: Offset edge needs some options added.  #1, Similar to growF, consecutive segments need to act as 1., not individuals. (current behavior borders on a bug).  When using sequence, this works fine.

3. Offset edge, symmetric.  Really needs to be symmetric.  Also, bordering on a bug.

4. Offset edge,   Give the number of edges the user wants to offset.   This one tool would allow the user to create a bevel (2 edges)  or more edges for finer detail.  Results of 3 edges shown below.  More edges would allow the user finer detail in a single step.

5. Delete, delete geometry should behave the same in a sub-D mode as it does in poly mode.  For example, select a segment and delete it on a poly mesh.   Now try the exact same thing on a Sub-D mesh.   behavior is different.

6.  Bring back the delete topology.

7. allow inserting segments into polys that are non-planar.  It would appear that this was changed in favor of the higher-level modeling operations (to not allow nonplanar polys)   But since Sub-D modeling doesn't care, having the ability to insert segments to whatever geometry is highly desired if not downright needed.

8. Some tools that are not specified in the Sub-D category, should have the option of working on sub-Ds either by the final Sub-D mesh or on its control cage by option.  Examples being: Trim, Stitch, Booleans, slice, surface split, manually inserting segments (to the control cage, without having to back out of Sub-D mode)

9. Combine the "Offset Face"  and "Grow Face" into a single tool.  Allow the user to set options to behave as one or the other.   They already create the same structural geometry.

10.  Loop slice.  Would be a bonus

11. Better segment sequence algorithm.  When Branches are met ( nodes with 3 or 5 joining segments ) form Z attempts to decide which way to continue on to create a full loop.  Just stop the sequence and let the user decide which way to continue on.   fZ often selects the wrong branch. (most often)     Also,  when a segment sequence hits a user threshold (typed into the interface) the segment sequence should stop.    When a sequence hits the edge of a surface, it should stop (unless the initial segment chosen happens to be an edge of the surface)    

Sometimes the above works, sometimes not.

12.  give the Python API access to the underlying structure, have in the API the ability to check if an object has a Sub-D attribute set even if it has been swapped out of Sub-D mode.


This is by far an exhausted list, however, these would propel formZ's toolset to compete with others.  Especially considering ADS other decisions.



From 2-4  Selection for offset edges   (BTW, if this suggestion is followed upon, it would give superior results to other Sub-D apps)


From 2-4  Result of option consecutive sequence (item #2)   with a user option # of segments set to 3  


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