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Does any one have good recommendations on sources for "cut and paste" type 2d landscape packages? Looking for landscape that can easily and quickly be converted into components. Key factor "easily and quickly".... in other words I don't have time to be doctoring up images in photoshop. Ideally I'd like to find a package deal rather than spending time searching all over the web collecting single objects.  

I'm also open for any recommendations on 3d automobiles that play nice in FZ. I've been a Dosch design customer for years but I'd like to know if anyone else has other resources they can speak highly of.  Ideally autos that hidden line clean and also render nice.  I hate the clean up chore on cars that don't hidden line well.

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For cutouts I often go to MrCutout.com and I have an annual subscription.  When it comes to cars I routinely go to 3dSky.  They don't have the greatest selection of vehicles but at $6 a piece they are a bargain.  Look for ones that have an OBJ file format instead of the FBX which can explode the model in weird ways.  Of course there is always TurboSquid but those models can get pretty pricey.  Packages of models or can be purchased from Evermotion as well as individual models and textures.  Evermotion has a lot of nice tutorials on process as well.  It all depends on what your budget is.  On another note you can also get models translated into other formats using a free online service file converter.  There seem to be a lot of them out there and most are limiting the file size they will do for free.  Of course there is not one that will convert to FMZ.

One that I forgot to mention for 2d bundles is ImageCel from Vectorworks.net. 

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