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Beginning Hiccups

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Just starting.  I don't know what I'm doing at all.  Using a Mac 10.11.6 so Python should be installed right? (how can I find out which version of Python is installed?)  I ran "cube.py" utility from the Extensions menu and I got this error msg:


I thought there may be a permissions error so I moved the script to the desktop and got the same error message implying that it was trying to open the same file, not the one on the desktop so I renamed the one on the desktop to cube2.py retried and then got this msg:


...and no .pyc file was created.  What is going wrong here?



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I ran "python ––version" in Terminal and it returned this:


and then I downloaded Python 2.7.18, ran the installer. It created a Python folder with this in my Applications folder:


So it looks like I have 2.7 in /Library/Frameworks but the No module named cube2 is still displayed when I run the cube2py script.

Is the 2.7 enough 2.7.? or do I need to get the 2.7.18 installed and how?

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Setz.  Python 2.7 is installed on all Mac OSs up to Catalina.


The problem doesn't appear to be with python.

I get the same error when I run the cube.py script.

By looking at the code, there is an error in the "formzPythonInterface"  This worked before, so it appears to be somewhat recent.   I let dev know.

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