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Hi jakko

do you sse the bug I see under window with independant windows (each time I go anywhere in the UI the independant windows is set inactive and so I have to do each time an extra click to reactivate it ?

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I'm not quite sure what you mean, but yes I have to click to activate the window. Also if I draw for example a rectangle I have to click twice to start and to stop drawing. It is not working as in the main window, seems like bug to me. The Independent window is good for rendering. Even better if user could input window size and it keeps it after reopening. Maybe there could be a place in V-Ray Settings where user could choose which window is rendered without first activating it.

Sorry my english 😂

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Yes, it was this bug that I was reporting
I'm not yet fully into V9 (still faithful to my good old V6)
I just saw that the "camera view" parameters have disappeared from the view parameters ...
I do not know if they are placed elsewhere ...



I found it in "image option" of the display menu (as in V6)
But I don't know why they were removed from view parameters ...
It was very practical
another simplification of Z9 that I hate


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28 minutes ago, Jaakko said:

Yes. It is handy when you need to render certain size pictures today and tomorrow.

I use scenes for this.  And I have those scenes saved in my template file so they are available in every project I work on. Typically: Full Screen, 2K x 4K, 4K x 8K, 4Ksq, 8Ksq and 2:2.35 feature film format as well.  If you create a new window and then click on one of these, your window will be good to go.


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