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Exporting from Affinity Designer to Form Z

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I move vectors from Affinity Designer to FZ by using a 3rd Party application.  The app that has worked for me, available from the Apple App Store is "The Vector Converter".

I simply export my vector design from Affinity Designer using SVG file format.

After opening The Vector Converter I drop the exported SVG file into The Vector Converter and then I select dxf file format for the conversion.  The conversion takes place online so you have to be linked to the internet.  Once the file is converted it will be downloaded onto your system.

Once the converted file is downloaded I import it into my FZ model, Draft or Layout window.



Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 12.23.19 PM.png

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Hi Hugo,

I was in the process of setting up a proper tutorial showing this method and to my horror have discovered that in one of the updates between the tree apps, this system no longer works.  

The vector lines from Affinity are now turned into what look like small rectangles - depending on the line weight used.  SVG standards can vary depending on who is using it.  I suspect that the conversion process is no longer doing a simple conversion.

Last year, I was using this system without any problems.  Will need to look for another converter as the only vector export capability from Affinity is SVG.

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until then have a try with "QCAD" (Open Source)

it is cheap and reads SVG files and writes DXF or DWG files, and is a solid 2D CAD program.


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I have struggled with a solution to this for years. Illustrator has always been a good way to go as long as you can save back to v8, because formZ cant use a native format more recent than that. It also really depends on the quality of the vector lines and clipping paths in an illustrator outline such as a clients logo. I used a similar process with Affinity and a online converter, but it was not always reliable. I have to pay the Adobe ransom for illustrator, because they not only open files that clients send that are native ai or eps files, but they seem to update their DWG translator which is very reliable with formZ. I have petitioned Affinity to include a DWG export in their development and they told me it its on the list. SVG import in FormZ would be awesome, but we still need a solution to open those Adobe native files. Running free CS2 on Windows is another strategy I've used.

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