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I (finally!) Managed to configure an interface close to the one I have been working with for 10 years ...

By the way (for those who must think that I am a madman or a rigid psycho) imagine a little the head of a pianist to whom we will give a piano on which we would have changed the order of the keys or a violinist with a disorganized violin !)


For those who wish to configure a custom interface NEVER forget that to get a palette out of a dock the solution is to move it by holding down the ctrl key!
(Otherwise it does not always work, pending the fix)



I confirm that certain pallet preferences are not taken into account



When I re open, for some reason I don't know my preferences are not saved correctly in the preference file


Hatch, inspector, display options, zoom option palettes do not keep their original size



I have a few suggestions to make:

1- add a pallet manager other than the menu in order to manage the display of several pallets at once without going to the menu as many times as you have pallets to manage
(it's not a priority ...)

2- Establish an "interface management" mode, for example using the workspace manager in such a way as to prevent untimely modifications (for example, the width of a dock was quickly modified with a mouse click in the wrong place)

To put it simply, you would need an edition mode of the interface, as there is a tool modification mode via the tool manager.
it will help a lot to stabilize a modified interface

3- I remain convinced that having to click on a tool to bring up the palette that contains the rest of the tools in the row is not practical ... (in any case much worse than on Z6)
In addition the palette is superimposed on the tool on the tool column

(That goes for 3d too I think)

To be continued

(I don't come back here to the problems I noticed in the line weight palette)






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Old habits die hard.  Glad to hear it more or less seems to be working. 

For me I have decided to do minimal workspace alterations to the default v9 workspace and adjust my habits to the new UI.  That way if I need to rebuild my workspace it takes only a couple minutes to be up and running again.  So far so good.

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Asone, i do the same. I felt it has to do with flexibility to change habits. Always handy to be flexible... 😉

Not really complains about the UI... only complains I have about Layout, is the whole concept of layouts...

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