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Import from Solidworks?

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Just wondering what the "best" method of importing form Solidworks is - my goal is to:

  • Import models provided to me that have been exported
  • Make adjustments if necessary (mostly making sure things are grouped properly - not really modeling)
  • Export for rendering in Blender

Has anyone gone through this or a process similar?


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Hi Andrew,.

I get my models from another dept that uses Solidworks. I ask them for a STEP file. I have never asked them to modify or even know what output settings they are using, I assume default. I suppose I am lucky that I did not run into any compatibility issues with that. I import into form.Z, select all and rotate around the origin Z to be up ( it is not apparently up in Solidworks.)

This works fine for getting all of the objects in the STEP file into form.Z for the tweaking and organizing as separate objects. My products are 20-30 parts tops. I organize the parts and mesh them for export to Maya (which likes ye olde facetted data for obvious reasons).


I have actually been surprised to find formZ a robust "center" application for doing this. I have been suspicious that I would not find a workflow at all from Solidworks to Maya without form.Z to the rescue once again.

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Oh, output for me to Maya is either fbx if I need textures (then I have to move the items,) or .obj, which leaves them in space where they should be and they have to have material assigned. I use the format I need. Getting textures over has proven to be one of the hitches. My flow here may not be the best available.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks John!

I'll likely be doing the majority of texturing in Blender, but may assign them in FZ as placeholders.

Edited by -andrew-

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