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Type input bug

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I enjoy a lot the intelligence of form•Z when it comes to being ready to accept typed numerical input. It also hurts when it fails.

Make a cube, click to deactivate result buffer. Select it, and choose "show controls".

Previously we could start dragging an arrow and thus selecting the correct input field in the inspector, and start typing.

Please restore this function!

Also I have noticed that tapping "tab" to circle through selectables, sometimes is confused and starts jumping from input field to input field. Makes no sense when trying to unghost

live update.png

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Guess I never used this feature, but it does not work on my end.  It does work during the result buffer when the object has first been drawn.

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Good UI design dictates that whenever a Tool or Function is called upon that requires additional Input from the user, the new Input field should automatically be engaged.  Tabbing through multiple fields from the first most important input field is also expected.  This is the kind of thing we need fixed for formZ to feel complete and POLISHED.

I think this may be a bug with the new Inspector Palette and is not working well for us at the moment.  It also causes various slow downs while it is open (extrude for example becomes sluggish to respond when the Inspector Palette is open).  

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