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Customize FZ 9 under WIN10

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A question for users of windows 10 exclusively:

I would like to modify the color of the title bars of the palettes in formz 9 (tools, layers views etc ...)
I do not know if it is controlled by the application or by the OS
I'm going to ask technical support

But as the customization of the interface of Windows 10 is very limited compared to what I have known in Windows XP it is not simple ...
I edited the registry and I even found a utility to make it easier
But that doesn't change anything for Formz

Are there any Windows 10 users who are more advanced than me in this area?

 - I would like to try to modify the width of the palette frame (or eliminate it completely
- reduce the height of the pallet title

All of this somewhat intercepts the idea of a dark (but not black) interface for Formz 9

I installed Blender on one of our win10 machines (I don't use it) but the interface is very interesting to configure formZ
At the moment I can't get what I want regarding the formz 9 interface

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