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[DraftLayout] > directional snap

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I allow myself to transpose here a suggestion that I made on the BETA forum in order to have the opinion of other users who can not be participated in the Beta test 

This primarily confirms the draft layout but not exclusively


the directional snap and their options have disappeared.
We must think about reintroducing these indispensable tools

It is necessary to have a simple locked ortho snap for example to work quickly





By angle (as in Z9 the only one option available)

but also by radial divisions (perhaps redundant with new angle guide options)

The  distant snap option  can also be bypassed by unchecking the Cartesian option in the prompt while using the T (tracking)

With a view to simplification, it is indeed possible to keep only the option by angle


by angle and slope

The option by slope is very useful because we often need to define angle in% for roofs for example

This is very important for us and I also suppose for others



In conclusion
1- the guides (angle guides and guides) do not replace directional snap unless you can lock on it (which is not the case either in 3D)

2- The options by slope and by divisions are missing (because the current guide angles only have the option by angle)

2- Currently the guides do not work in 2d (impossible to snap on, display artifact, display readability to review

and so
It should simply be that the guide angles have three options
by angle
by slope
by division

and it would
an option "snap to guides" (angles and ortho)
an option "lock on the guide" (angles and ortho) which forces the pointer on the guide (which returns to an ortho mode or angle in version 6)


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