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There are two icons  labeled as "Image Fit". (See attached).  353674447_ImageFit-2.jpg.505895f0e2fdf75dd30ba1ae82e9dda0.jpg

 The one on the left side is equivalent to Place Image Fit in the Layout 9 User Manual

I cannot find a description of the Image Fit located on the very right side of the Content palette  ("Image Fit-2").  The User manual does not describe this command. 

The prompts for Image Fit-2 indicates that it "Deletes selected entities". 933316234_ImageFit-2_Prompts.jpg.54c96025ad33c02864cfd4b1063985cc.jpg  

Preselecting entities are deactivated whenever I activate the Image Fit-2 command.

Can anyone explain how to use the Image Fit-2 command?   

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