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interface suggestion (palettes)

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Good morning all

At the tool palette it is possible to remove the second level palettes either by a simple flyover or (via preferences) by clicking on it and in addition optionally that the tool at the head is selected directly without additional click.

Not bad

first problem the second level palette overlaps with the tool palette (not practical) and second problem the second level palette is necessarily detached.

In the past under FZ 6 the operation was quite similar but better optimized:
By maintaining the click on a tool, the second level palette was deployed exactly next to it while remaining attached, by moving the mouse to the desired tool it was possible to quickly go to it.
Then by moving the mouse out of the second level palette this one stood out

It was much cleaner

Finally it would be desirable (but it never existed) that all of these pallets can be listed in a submenu of the palette menu which would be variable because these palettes can be created by the user ...
In this way it would be possible to have a view of all the available palettes (including those that have been added to the interface)

What do you think ?

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I have to admit, I was more comfortable with the way v6 handled the tool palettes.  When working fast, I often miss the tool in the popup palette that I am after.  Especially if I am using my laptop.  Missing the nuanced control by just one or two pixels is still missing the control.


Second suggestion, wouldn't hurt:  However, I am not sure I would use it.   Why and how would you use it?   Seems like it would take longer to access it, than it would to just access the popups from the main tool palette.   Interested to know if I am just not thinking about it correctly.



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