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More bugs and suggestions

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OK my last day left of the v9 demo - so I'll leave everyone alone after this ;-)

1. Bug -  In Project Settings the Appearance tab Preview is blank.

2. Suggestion - interface in general - can we not have the contents of dialog boxes spaced out a little more? In the Project Settings the only tab that fills the non resizable dialog is Dimensions, so why is everything else so bunched up?

3. Suggestion - can we have an option for Zoom in by Frame for the box to spring from the corner?

4. Bug - for Curve by Formula the Library is missing all of the content shown in the online manual - there is just a sine wave.

5. Bug - Extruding a Curve by Formula gives a wireframe surface. Converting the Curve by Formula to a Nurbs curve and extruding also gives a wireframe surface. Just placing a Nurbs curve and then extruding gives a proper shaded surface.

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10 hours ago, AsOne said:

#3. Zoom by Frame by corners exists:  Go to Zoom Options palette. Select by corners option.

Thank you AsOne - was expecting to see this on Tool Settings which is wasn’t on the demo. As usual the online manual makes no mention of it.

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